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JM, daughter of customer, 12 May 2023

Happy to recommend Belgrave Care for the support given to my mum at home over a
couple of years until her death. They were easy to contact and agreeable to amending dates
or the number of visits. Staff were quick to communicate any issues or problems and even
did unplanned return visits on occasions when they deemed them necessary.

Adrian K, son of customer, 13 April 2023

It’s always a daunting task, trying to find a good home care service for a loved one when
they need it. Fortunately we struck lucky first time in choosing Belgrave Care. From day one
they provided an excellent service for my elderly father, for some 14 months, enabling him
to retain his independence in his own home longer than we might have expected. The staff
were wonderful and the care and support that they provided for Dad was of a very high
quality. Thank you to all the management and staff, very happy to recommend you.

Andrew S, 30 March 2023

There has been a very pleasing improvement in my aunt since the excellent care provided
by Belgrave Care. She has dementia and it is great to see the improvement in her and she
always tells me the carers are lovely people. It is very reassuring to know that these lovely
people are there to help every single day if I cannot get to visit her myself.

Daniel B, son of customer, 17 March 2023

I found the care for my mother excellent. The carers were very understanding of her needs
and very caring too. Nothing was too much trouble and I would definitely recommend one
member of staff and her team 100 per cent.

Ian B, son of customer 12 January 2023

The care from the staff that work for the company is excellent as is the compatibility of
management. Any issues raised are dealt with in a timely manner. The company cares about
its elderly clients and welfare and supports the families they deal with. I always felt my
mum-in-law was safe and her needs catered for. They help us cope with a very poorly lady
in a dignified way and for that, we are so very grateful.

EP, daughter of customer, 10 January 2023

I would like to thank all the staff at Belgrave for the care and support they gave my father
over the last 6 months. The management and office staff were readily available and any
issues that arose were dealt with immediately. The carers were professional, had the right
“caring” attitude and always turned up. My father was quite a character. He could be
forthright at times, but the staff always treated him with respect. I would certainly
recommend Belgrave to anyone looking for a care company to help support themselves, a
friend or a member of the family.

ME, daughter of customer, 9 January 2023

To allow my mother to keep her independence I had to arrange a package of care a couple
of years ago. It was important that I found a provider whose staff were friendly, caring,
professional and empathic to my mother’s needs. I chose Belgrave Care and both my
mother and I are delighted we did. I found the Director very approachable, understanding

and helpful when I had to quickly arrange for my mother’s care package to be increased. I
would highly recommend Belgrave Care.

JN, daughter of customer, 28 October 2022

We are very grateful to the team at Belgrave Care who has looked after my father since
September 2020, the care pattern has developed over time to meet his needs. The team has
been amazing, looking after my father with such care, professionalism and respect and as
his daughter, it has been reassuring that they have been such help and support. Thank you.

Steph Whitehead, Carer, August 2022

“I joined Belgrave Care quite recently and I am so glad my friend put me into contact with
them. They are an amazing company who look after their staff and work around the hours
you want to do. So it’s ideal if you have another job or if you have children that you need to
work around. They are so understanding and a lovely team to work with as well as having
lovely customers that you build a great relationship with.”

LT, daughter of customer, August 2022

“We would like to thank the Belgrave team for the care they gave our mum for over 4
months. The care was great, making our mum feel comfortable, and taking the time to chat
to her whilst communicating well with us. They were reliable and caring, which we would
like to recommend.”

TJ, son of client, July 2022

“Belgrave Care looked after my mum for over three years before she recently passed away,
initially providing three visits per day, increasing to five visits per day. Mum had no mobility
and needed a full range of care, from being washed, dressed, transferred from bed to chair,
and back again, to being fed three times per day and given medication. Her carers were all
very pleasant, considerate and professional in what they did for Mum and would always
alert us to any potential health or other issues. The management was always very
approachable to discuss the best options for Mums care, and any (minor) issues were
always dealt with promptly. They will go the extra mile when needed to ensure everything is
done properly, and I would certainly recommend them to others.”

MO, daughter of customer March 2022

“Belgrave is a good company, they turn up when expected in full PPE, bills are always sent
on time and the carers are really nice and chatty with my mother. It’s easy to communicate
with them if you need to cancel a call or have any queries.”

AL, daughter of customer February 2022

“My thanks to everyone at Belgrave Care for helping my mother and doing their best to
make her comfortable in spite of the constant pain she endures. Although visiting to look
after my mother, the carers have always helped my father when in need and have tolerated
his temperamental outbursts with good humour. I have always found the managers, very
easy to deal with, supportive and, above all, kind.”

CE, daughter of customer, January 2022

“Thank you, Belgrave Care. The care and help you give my Mum enable her to remain in
her home with a good quality of life. Her general health and wellbeing have improved over

the past year, due to your carers’ daily care and attention. The management team have
always been extremely caring and helpful when dealing with issues my Mum is experiencing
with her health and have communicated well with the family.”

PA, son of customer December 2021

“Thank you to the Director, the Manager and ALL the team for the care and compassion that
they gave to my mum. Your care enabled my mum to live in her own home independently
until the age of 97.”

Helen, niece of customer November 2021

“My Uncle has received excellent care from Belgrave Care for over 7 years.
He has been made to feel part of their & family – with 4 calls every day, the carers look after
his daily needs with professionalism, affection and the utmost care and consideration. The
team regularly go above and beyond to ensure my Uncle is safe and comfortable and I
wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others!”

HH, daughter of the customer, September 2021

“Belgrave Care are outstanding in their kind professionalism. The friendly caregivers are
very well supported by the office team who are in turn led by their excellent manager who
went the extra mile for my mother. I highly recommend them if you looking for a care
provider for your parent.”

JN, daughter of customer, August 2021

“All the staff at Belgrave have given a high degree of care and professionalism when looking
after my father. They have been in place since September 2020. They look after him and his
home so well. He looks forward to seeing them each day.”

CW, relative of customer, July 2021

“Very friendly and professional service. My Auntie is well cared for which puts my mind at
ease because I live too far away to just pop in every day. I feel my Auntie’s needs and wishes
are met by a caring team who are truly interested in her. Support is always at the end of the
phone. Excellent service from a company that puts people first.”

SA, granddaughter of customer, May 2021

“We started using the services of Belgrave Care in January 2021 for my grandad to assist him
in getting dressed, washed and preparing food etc as he had reached the point he was
struggling to cope. From the outset the team were very engaging, they listened to what my
grandad wanted help with and put an appropriate care plan in place. The first week or so

things bedded in and his confidence with the team grew – he liked the fact that where
possible the same couple of staff visited as this also gave some continuity of care and each
side knew what to expect from each other. Communication between the team and myself
was better than I could have hoped for with an open dialogue of what care had been given
and how my grandad had been feeling. Knowing that he was getting better care than I could
have given not only took so much strain off me but also preserved my relationship with my
grandad. They were like an extension of our family at the end, very caring staff.”

FM, daughter of the customer, March 2021

“My mother-in-law had four half-hour visits per day from Belgrave Care. The carers
supervised and assisted with personal care and getting her into and out of bed each day.
They prepared meals and drinks at her visits and her medication was also administered.
During these visits, it was opportune to chat with my mother-in-law and she was able to
communicate her needs and preferences. We were very happy with the care provided by
Belgrave. The staff, both carers and management, demonstrated understanding and much
empathy with my mother-in-law which helped her maintain her independence within her
own home. We would highly recommend Belgrave Care.”

Sue Rollins, July 2020

“I started work at Belgrave Care a couple of months ago, having been in care for the last 6 years. I have a regular rota, with lovely customers who have all welcomed me, and I have a good work-life balance. The office team and carers have all made me feel very welcome, and I can honestly say I feel part of the Belgrave family.”

Marion Dutton, July 2020

 “Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your staff who looked after my husband in his final months and for the manner in which they dealt with him. Without exception, everyone remained kind, patient and cheerful with him and enabled me to keep my sanity.”

 Keith Fuller, June 2020

“Thank you for looking after my dad. You’re the best.”

Penny and Mike Chrimes, June 2020

“The team at Belgrave Care have been absolutely wonderful throughout the lock-down period. My
brother and I live in London and have been unable to visit our father, the carers and the management team have taken such good care of him, and nothing has been too much trouble to
reassure Dad and to reassure us, and to keep him safe. We will never forget how much you have all
done for our family.”

Samantha Shaw, June 2020

“I’ve been working for Belgrave Care for a little over two months now. Not only do they look after their service users to a very high standard, but their care staff too. The office staff are always available to help in any situation and the support during these difficult times of Covid-19 has been outstanding! I’m very proud to say I’m part of the Belgrave Care family.”

Paula Wilding, June 2020

“Belgrave Care is the best care company I have worked for.  We all work together as a team to deliver the best possible professional care for our customers.”

Rhian Webb, June 2020

“Throughout my experience at Belgrave Care, I have felt supported 100% of the time. There is always guidance provided whenever you need it, and they are always happy to help.  They provide all the training needed and encourage you to work independently.”

Mia Walking, May 2020

“Empathy towards staff and communication from the office is excellent. Keeping the care provision revitalised but compact has encouraged us to become great team players which then benefits our customers. This is why we’ve all chosen this way of life, and it is a way of life!

“We have good days, bad days, sad days, happy days, frustrating days, easy-going days – any type of day – but when you go home you know here at Belgrave Care we’ve made a difference to someone’s life. This is pretty much as it was sold to me, One Big Happy Family!”

Helen, Neston, February 2020

“My uncle didn’t want to go into a nursing home. I’m so glad we chose Belgrave Care as he can still live independently in his own home with their care and support.”

Mark Burgess, Upton, February 2020

“My father has had care from Belgrave Care since March 2019  and given us the continuity that was promised. They are a very reliable care company.”

Emmy, Boughton, January 2020

Having the same carer has enabled me and my family to get to know my carer well. We have built up a lovely relationship with her and the office team are so supportive.”

 Suzanne, daughter of the customer, Vicars Cross, January  2020

I can’t put a price on the personal touch we get from this company.”

Chris, Newton, January 2020

“The Director arranged a Christmas party for us. I was fortunate to be able to go and was even picked up by my carer! It was a lovely afternoon of good company and singing and nice to see the other customers and the carers. Can’t wait to go to the next one!”   

Alan, Willaston, December 2019

 Season’s greetings to you all at Belgrave. You provide amazing support, making Mum’s life better and mine, especially with my remote distance, easier. I can’t thank you enough.”

Hilary, Westminster Park, December 2019

“What an improvement in Mum since we last saw her soon after Belgrave Care started. Thank you so much.”

Maggie, Hoole, November 2019

“I have been more than satisfied with both the quality of care provided and the excellent staff that attend me.”


Elisabetta, October 2019

I started work at Belgrave Care in February. I have spent my working time with Belgrave Care doing something meaningful and rewarding. I have learnt a lot and will treasure my new skills and the relationships I have built with all the team and customers. Belgrave Care has felt more like a family than a place of work to me. I am now leaving to go back to Italy to my family. Thank you for everything. I will send each of you a warm Italian hug!”


Angela F, October 2019

I have worked at Belgrave Care for over 2 years. I love my clients! The office have helped work round my lifestyle – so I have a good home and work life balance.”

Tracey, September 2019

 “I wouldn’t work for another care agency – the office treat me with total respect – we are like a big Happy Family!”

Janet, Hoole, September 2019

Lovely, caring, supportive, approachable… what more can I say? The office team and staff have supported my family all the way, they support my parents 110%. I can’t thank them enough. Living so far away, they are my eyes and my ears and communication is excellent so we always know what’s going on. THANK YOU Belgrave Care!”

Karen, Newton, July 2019

Thanks to Lorraine and her team for supporting my Dad … they certainly go above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

Jo, Neston, May 2019

“I would like to thank Belgrave Care for looking after my mum. She was very reluctant to have care at first, but with their experience and perseverance, my mum now looks forward to their visits and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Susan Smith – Neston October 3rd 2018

Belgrave Care have been supporting my Aunt for the last three months. She was initially reluctant to accept that she could no longer manage without support and very anxious at the prospect of having strangers in the house. The carers have treated her with the greatest respect and dignity. They have sensitively allowed her to maintain a level of independence and worked alongside her offering appropriate support when needed. The carers are consistently punctual, calm and polite. My Aunt began to regard them as friends and looked forward to their visits. I cannot praise them enough and thanks to them my Aunt was able to continue living at home for a longer period than anticipated.

Mr & Mrs Yale, September 2018

“Thanks for looking after us both so well for the last 20 months.”

Rita M, customer, July 2018

“I would describe the service in one word – impeccable!”

Ian T – son of customer, June 2018

“I am very pleased with the assistance that Mum receives from Belgrave Care. All of the staff are thoughtful of Mum’s needs before anything else. She has four visits per day, three 15 minute calls and an hour at lunchtime. There is also a shopping trip once a week to ensure she has enough food and provisions.

This has meant that my time with Mum is much more relaxed and pleasant. I no longer worry about Mum’s chores but have time to enjoy being her son again.

I like the notes and comments made in the visit log; there is always something about how Mum’s demeanour at that time, which gives a great overview of how mum is coping, which is so important for the medical and practical side of looking after Mum.

Lastly, I would just like to say how lovely the ladies who visit mum are; so very thoughtful and caring. I couldn’t wish for better, even the cat gets spoilt by them!

If anyone I knew was in the position where they needed extra care I would not hesitate to recommend Belgrave Care.”

Sheila G – Daughter of customer 23/5/18

We have been using Belgrave Care since January 2018 initially for 15 minute ‘social check-up’ calls and to remove mum’s surgical

stockings. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, any initial teething issues are handled promptly and efficiently.

We have since increased the care package to include cooking meals for Mum four nights a week and an additional 15 min morning call.

Mum was insistent that she didn’t want people coming in and hanging around for “hours” so this length of the call is very helpful as she does not actually require much physical assistance. However, on occasions when Mum has been unwell or distressed when the carer has called. They have stayed for longer than the required time and have always contacted me to keep me informed of the situation. Any issues with changes to the care requirements are handled quickly by the very friendly staff in the office, all in all, a very good service.

Would certainly recommend this company.

PP, Chester, March 2018

“I am so pleased with the care for my dad – the carers manage his medication properly and they really help him. He also enjoys having chats with them.”


“I really appreciate how you approached my concerns – I’ve never had a boss that’s so understanding. I’m very proud to be part of your company and I hope you’re proud to have me.” Yes, we are!”

Social Care Assessor CWAC February 2018

“I have enjoyed working alongside Lorraine for the past 2 years. She was always there to help out when I needed it. I’m moving to a new job but will definitely keep in touch.”

Mr Walton, Dee Banks February 2018

“Right from the start we have had a superb service from Belgrave Care. My wife and I can now go on holiday with peace of mind.”

 Mrs J Foxley, Upton   

“My mother’s dementia was becoming so hard for us to deal with as a family and we were recommended Belgrave Care. They have been wonderful with my mum and we have 100% trust and faith in this company.”


“I recently joined Belgrave Care – the office support is brilliant – it’s like a big happy family!  We all help each other out and I have my regular rota every week.”

Jo Race, Neston

“Lorraine and her team have been wonderfully supportive to my parents. They are all kind and compassionate and have been an enormous help. They all have a very positive attitude and I know that I can rely on them, which has lifted a great responsibility from my shoulders. Thank you.”

Mr Howard (son) Scotland – Customer – Bromborough (18/10/2017)

“Belgrave Care came to see me in August as I needed support for my Mum. Living in Scotland I wasn’t able to see my Mum as often as I could. The lady that came from Belgrave was very understanding and empathetic of my situation; she made suggestions which we listened to about the care for my Mum and everything was put in place quite quickly. Belgrave Care has made such a difference to her life, assisting with her showers, but also taking her out on trips, having a coffee and cake together. My Mum looks forward to it every week and gets her hair done specially for her outings. She chats about her carers all the time and having the same 2 carers has been great. My Mum was able to build up a good rapport and trust with the staff. This company is fabulous – I don’t know what I would do without them.”

Yvonne Hodkinson, Chester (Daughter of client) (05/10/2017)

“My mum has dementia and we’ve had a difficult time with previous agencies, who didn’t have the appropriate staff or awareness of the condition. We were so pleased to find Belgrave, as all the carers are so patient and kind, and really go the extra mile. They understand how dementia works and the need to be reassuring and supportive. My mum’s personal care has improved under their care and they cook her healthy meals, and keep her house so tidy. My mum really likes all the carers who have become like friends and they take her out to nice places, which is so lovely for my mum, as the dementia has left her somewhat isolated. It’s such a relief to know the carers are looking after my mum so well and it has made a huge difference to our lives.”

Tina McBride (29/09/17)

“My name is Tina McBride and I am a close friend of a customer of Belgrave Care. I can’t believe the difference in Mrs F since she left the last care company! It’s amazing and her confidence has grown. They have even encouraged her to do more for herself and she is so much healthier then she used to be. Also the house is gleaming – the carers are doing a great job. The staff are very caring; it just comes naturally to them. I informed her son of the change in his Mum. He is delighted and has noticed himself during conversations how happy she is.

“Well done Belgrave Care!!”

Jess – District Nurse – Chester (09/09/17)

“I attend to a lady every day in Chester and am often at the house when the carers are in the middle of their routine. I have never seen such caring staff – I spoke to the Director about the staff and said that Belgrave had a very high standard of carers I have never seen before. They are very attentive and detailed and the relationship the staff have with this customer is lovely to see and hear. What a fabulous company!”

Janice – Carer (29/08/17)

 “I recently joined the team at Belgrave Care. I had never done care before and didn’t know what to expect, but the training and support I have been given was brilliant. I love the customers and the team as we all help each other out. Getting to know my customers has been brilliant – it’s the best thing I ever did. I’m just finishing my Care Certificate so I’m feeling very proud.“

Mr & Mrs Blundell – Neston (31/07/17)

“The carers are fairy punctual, morning and evening. We would prefer a later evening call but they hope to achieve this eventually.

“They are kind and considerate and mainly efficient. We have had only four carers in the six months we have been receiving care, so there isn’t a constant stream of new faces. I would recommend without a doubt to use this company”.

Angela – Carer (04/08/17)

“Thanks to Lorraine and Clare for taking me on at Belgrave Care. It’s my first domiciliary job, and my confidence is coming back already. You forget what you’re good at sometimes. I am very happy with the care given to all of your clients and how happy they all are. Your company puts the C in caregiving – I just hope I can do you proud.”

Mrs Johnson – Hoole, Chester  (16/06/17)

“I have been a customer of Belgrave Care for the past few months. Nothing is too much trouble for the girls, and seeing the same faces has really helped build up a good relationship with them. We do have a laugh at times and I always look forward to seeing them every day.”


Mrs Beaumont – Eastham (21/06/17)

“Choosing Belgrave Care was the right choice as I had been given several agencies to call, but their attention to every little detail is wonderful, the staff are always upbeat and I always look forward to their visits every day.“

Miss Cleaves – Daughter of customer Boughton Hall Chester (16/06/17)

“The team at Belgrave Care are brilliant – thank you for looking after my Mum so well!

Upton, Chester  (28/06/17)

I chose Belgrave Care as I have known the Director and Manager for quite some time at a previous company. I wasn’t happy with the last company when they both left as the level of care wasn’t to the standard I was used to. I have been with Belgrave since March and I can honestly say it runs like clockwork. I have the same team every week and they are always on time. Communication is very good and staff are always friendly, professional and passionate about their work. I often recommend Belgrave to my friends and neighbours. If you are looking for a quality service then look no further.”

Libby, Carer (10/03/17)

I have worked for Belgrave Care since March this year and have loved every minute of it. I had never worked in care before but with the training, support and mentoring, it’s a fabulous job, and the customers are lovely. The office team are brilliant and are always there for you when you need them, a very supportive team. I’m proud to say I won an award this month, after receiving positive feedback from customers. I wouldn’t work for another care company “  

Bilyana Todorova – Carer, Chester (07/03/17)

“I’ve had the chance to work with Lorraine and Clare for one year. It was a fantastic experience. I was so happy and proud that I found not just amazing colleagues, but also great friends. I’m very thankful that I had the chance to work for people like Lorraine and Clare. They both helped me to achieve a very high standard and professional approach to my work. I am looking forward to being part of the team again.”

Dorothy Spencer – Chester (15/04/17)

“Lorraine came to my home to discuss my care needs. She was very empathetic about my situation and listened to every detail. Lorraine kept to her promises and gave exactly what I was looking for. She never let me down, she has a lovely personality, and both coming from Liverpool we got on very well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Belgrave Care.”



Jenny Griffiths, Supervisor-Co-ordinator, Ellesmere Port (04/03/17)

“Lorraine was my manager for 12 months. I always knew I could approach Lorraine, as she was very easy going and supportive to the staff. Working alongside Lorraine and Clare has been great; we made such a good team and supported each other.

“Lorraine is very passionate about supporting people and enabling them to live independently, always going the extra mile. Clare is compassionate and a natural and all the customers always spoke highly of both Lorraine and Clare. I will be working on the bank staff team with Belgrave Care and am looking forward to working for Clare and Lorraine very soon.”

Sandra Barnes, Care Assessor, CWAC (08/02/17)

“I would like to wish Belgrave Care a very successful venture and can say that having dealt with the Director Lorraine Kingham for a number of years in the caring profession, I can honestly say the care she provided was excellent.”

Adele Colledge, Specialist Complex Support (06/02/17)

“I have worked with Lorraine and Clare for 8 months in the office. They both have so much experience to offer. Both have worked as carers and managed services with vast years of experience in the care community. They are so passionate about care, always putting customers first.”

Hayley Van Rooyen, Carer, Chester (06/02/17)

“Lorraine Kingham was my manager whilst working for another company. I found her to be hard working, conscientious, empathetic, approachable and kind. She was an excellent manager who always went above and beyond for her staff and customers. Her skills and knowledge of the care sector are exceptional. I could not recommend Belgrave Care more highly to work for with Lorraine and Clare running the business!”

Michelle Gill, Carer (02/02/17)

“I had the pleasure of working for Lorraine for over a year. She was an excellent manager, professional and caring, always approachable and very supportive of her staff. In addition Clare, who was one of my supervisors and is a credit to her profession, is also a lovely, supportive and caring member of staff. I would definitely recommend working for Belgrave Care.”

Angela Swarbrick-Harvey, Senior Support Worker (01/02/17)

“I can say with all honesty that Lorraine is dedicated to her work, provides a high quality of service, and she works well in collaboration with her teams. I gained confidence and loved the challenge; her skills and abilities are endless. She is kind, caring, and empathetic. It was a pleasure to work for her. A very positive lady.”

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